Our approach

At The Green Catalyst, we take an In-Out approach by seeing the services through your eyes. Our goal is to listen to what is most important to you, and to establish a strong working relationship with you, so we can become your lifetime advisor. Your priorities are our priorities and will customize our search efforts focused on your goal.

What separates us from our competitors is our intention and approach. We are committed and our top priority is to provide you with results. The clients we work with are mainly working with Green technology to make the world a better place. We also provide internship opportunities to new graduates, recent graduates and current students to provide them and the clients companies an opportunity to connect the top talent and help them grow fast.  We will not waste your time and will only present candidates who are aligned with your required experience, skills and aptitude.

We specialize in multilingual job with strong focus in Japanese language and Green technology industry in a global location. By focusing our efforts in these areas, we are connecting with an incredible list of Clients. We also commit to make sure about the company cultures, retention history and core competencies of our clients which help us match you with the best matching company.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and will always view your search, as our top priority. If you have any questions, please contact us here

Professional Search

It is more important than ever to identify top talent so you can attain the goals and objectives set by your company. We are committed to finding you the best talent in the market, NOT the best talent on the job boards or Internet but through our network. We have a proven track record of finding the best talents through our networking skills especially hard-to find positions.

We specialize and have expertise in the following niches:

·  Multilingual positions with special focus in Japanese in European continents, Japan and beyond

·  Green Technology including IT (The founder worked as an IT engineer both in the UK and London more than 10 years)

Contact us today to find the Top Talent to compliment your current team!


In the past years, I have visited 12 Universities in the UK to give a job related skill workshop and presentation to the students who are interested in working in Japan or using their Japanese skills at work globally. I also conducted webinar in a university in Australia. I have found great talents with good work ethics, and lots of students are eager to find the best opportunity for the internship during their study. I am passionate about supporting the students and recent graduates to find the best career path and connect them with the best companies. I believe it is highly beneficial for both companies and students. It is expected that it is the paid position. We do not charge the introduction fee for internship positions, however, if the company offers a permanent position to the candidate within one year of their graduation, we would ask a usual introduction fee. Please contact us to discuss about it at info@thegreencatalyst.com  


How long does it take to fill the position?

It is much depends on your interview process and notice the candidates are obliged at current work.  It could be a few weeks to a few months. We can discuss about the time flame at initial consultation stage and we focus on achieve your target. In an effort to fill your positions as fast as possible, we request the following information when we obtain your job descriptions:

Interview Times

Specific Target Date to fill

Sign off from everyone involved in the hiring process

Details on your efforts to fill this position

Experience that may be missing in the department

Problems existing as a result of this vacant position

What was missing in candidates interviewed to date


This information helps us to fine tune our search process to provide you with results. We continue to work on your search until we fill your position. If one of our candidates is eliminated during the interview process, we do our best to present additional candidates.


What would be the fee structure?

Our introduction fee occurs upon the candidate commence their work at your company. There is no cost involved until then. We provide a free replacement or refund policy for three months after our candidates start working for you. Our introduction fee is a percentage against annual salary which is agreed before we commence the search. Please contact us for more details. 

What makes you different from other recruitment agencies?

Our level of commitment, service, results we provide and special relationship we build with each one of our clients.

We also specialize in Multilingual professionals with strong focus on Japanese language and Green technology. By focusing our efforts in these areas, we are building an incredible network of top talent that benefits the clients we represent.